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Hell Gigs with Collin Chamberlin

Nov 17, 2022

This week Collin sits down with Jack Burke, one of the finest comedians to come out of Boston, to discuss the highest point in his career which was the lowest point for another comedian, getting heckled by a veteran, and losing a contest. For bonus episodes go to

Jack Burke


Nov 4, 2022

This week Collin chats with Juston McKinney about his new special, On The Bright Side, driving far for no money, getting the scraps at the club restaraunt, and trying to cope with a bad set. 

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Juston McKinney

IG: @justonmckinneycomedy

Juston's Special:

Oct 20, 2022

This week Collin chat's with comedian Rachel Williams about some road gigs they recently had together, and answering a Craigslist ad for money.

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True Classic Tees:

Rachel Williams



Oct 4, 2022

Hell Gigs is back! In a brand new studio with a brand new episode, Collin tell's some of his favorite Hell Gigs stories from his career.

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True Classic Tees:

Jun 15, 2022

This week Collin chat's with comedian Damon Sumner who just released his debut album, "I Know Who I Am". They talk being to cocky, bombing with new stuff, and the importance of Taco Bell. Be sure to grab Damon's new album. For bonus content, go to

Damon Sumner
IG: @damonjr2