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Hell Gigs with Collin Chamberlin

Sep 15, 2021

This week Collin releases another episode from behind the paywall. Hear about his first weekend back in a club after the pandemic. For more episodes like this go to

Sep 1, 2021

This week Collin chat's with Raanan Hershberg (Comedy Cellar) about awkward moments on stage, influences, and an getting busted in a sting operation. Be sure to check out the Helium Podcast Network for lots more. For bonus content go to

Raanan Hershberg

Twitter: @Raanancomedy IG:...

Aug 25, 2021

Here's another one from behind the pay wall. A shared experience with Ray Zawodni where we performed for a group of people in the "powder" business. For more episodes like this go to

Aug 18, 2021

This week Collin talks to Wilfred Padua (Raw Beef Podcast) about dying in front of people who might be dying, and bombing when you're feeling low. Be sure to follow Wilfred on social media and check out his podcast on the Helium Podcast Network. For bonus episodes go to

Wilfred Padua

Aug 4, 2021

Hey gang, thought you may enjoy a story of one of MY very first Hell Gigs. This episode was recorded for my patreon a while ago so here's a taste of what you can get behind the paywall. If you like these kind of stories, you can get more of them at